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IB Home Tutors

IB Elite Academy sources elitist highly educated and highly experience IB Home Tutors  to support and help out IB (INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE) students through this academically challenging time with tailored private one- on- one Home Tuition.

We cater to all subjects from Group 1 to Group 6 and cover every aspect of the IBDP curriculum. IB Elite Academy  has got internationally regarded Ph.D tutors in Biology ( HL, SL) , Chemistry ( HL, SL) , Mathematics ( HL, SL, studies), Physics (HL,SL),  Business and management( HL, SL) ,  Economics , English, SL English A: Literature, Psychology,  Geography,  SL Spanish ab initio , French,  HL German B, SL Theatre. IB Elite Academy has a separate section of expertise research scholars who help students in their Internal Assessment (IA), Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of knowledge (TOK).

IB Home Tutors

IB Elite Academy centers being centrally located at SAKET, RAJEEV CHOWK and HUDA CITY CENTRE is able to easily source an elite network of highly dedicated tutors of highest subject qualification or academic specialist all over DELHI, GURGAON AND NOIDA in the comfort of your home. IB Elite academy has been providing HOME TUTORING to students from American Embassy School, The British School, Pathways World School, G.D. Goenka World School, Sri Ram School, Lancers International School, The Banyan Tree IB World School and many other highly reputed schools in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

IB Elite Academy tutors are highly experienced, highly educated with most of them being masters and /Ph.D. Our highly experienced tutors have very positive effect impact on the pupils’ approach to their studies. IB Elite Academy tutors are encouraged to inspire their pupils to develop inquisitive, analytical mind. They develop their students articulate an argument with structure, reason and confidence. To get the very best out of our tuition service we recommend that your child is assessed academically before we assign a tutor. This is so that we can match the very best tutor for their very specific needs.

Our educational assessments are carried out by one of our Education Directors using a simple three step method.

1. We visit your child at a place of your convenience – generally we recommend the family home or any suitable place of your convenience.

2. Having discussed the level and subject areas, we ask them a range of questions relating to their understanding, confidence and ambitions in each of their chosen subjects. We compare their personal ambitions to their teachers’ predicted grades. Then we structure a private tuition teaching programme accordingly. We weigh the focus to ensure best possible outcomes.

3. We select a tutor or team of tutors who are able to deliver this teaching programme and maximize the chances of realising the pupil’s ambitions.

We provide:

  1. IB Home tutors for maths
  2. IB Home tutors for English
  3. IB Home tutors for chemistry
  4. IB Home tutors for Biology
  5. IB Home tutors for Physics
  6. IB Home tutors for Economics
  7. IB Home tutors for BM
  8. IB Home tutors for Spanish
  9. IB Home tutors for French
  10. IB Home tutors for German


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