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IGCSE Chemistry Home Tutors in Delhi

IB Elite Academy offers network of highly educated and highly experienced trained and specialised IB Maths Home Tutors in Delhi, IB Home Tutors for all subjects to support and help out  students of IB –INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (all Group 1 to Group 6 subjects- HL, SL ), Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE, GCSE, A & AS level, O- level , Cambridge AICE Diploma, Advanced Placement – AP, SAT and SAT 2nd ( for all subjects)  through this academically challenging time with tailored private one- on- one Home Tuition.

IB Elite Academy centers being centrally located at SAKET, RAJEEV CHOWK and HUDA CITY CENTRE is able to easily source an elite network of highly dedicated IB Home Tutors including and other subject tutors of highest subject qualification and academic specialist all over Delhi NCR viz; DELHI, Gurgaon &  Noida. We also provide IB Home Tutors in Mumbai, IB Home Tutors in Bangalore, IB Home Tutors in Chennai, IB Home Tutors in Hyderabad in the comfort of your home. IB Elite academy has been providing HOME TUTORING to students from top-notch IB schools from all over India like American Embassy School, The British School, Pathways World School, G.D. Goenka World School, Sri Ram School, Lancers International School, The Banyan Tree IB World School and many other highly reputed schools in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad. 

As eminent global educators, academic adviser and mentors for 15 years, IB Elite Academy have vast experience of teaching International Baccalaureate- IB MYP, IB DP , European Baccalaureate , CIE – IGCSE ,AS , A , O – Levels, American curriculum , Advanced Placement,  SAT . Thousands of students have shown remarkable and noted improvement in their grades after taking classes from our tutors, which helped them to get into top USA, UK University and other universities of their choice.

Whether you’re looking for immediate help in any IB group 1 to group 6 subjects / IGCSE / A, AS, O-Levels/ SAT and SAT-II or want to set up regular weekly tutoring, IB Elite Academy (IBEA) Tutors will be of immense help. IB Elite Academy tutors follow the following scheme of elements to help their students to improve their grades:
  1. Assign appropriate homework worksheets and assignments in a interactive, motivating, prompt manner
  2. Encouraging and motivate the students to ask their doubts, and then help out the students in clearing their doubts
  3. Keep an accurate record of a) student’s learning progress, b) exams, c) results d) making them think and e) give regular feedback to the parents regarding the improvements in their child.
  4. Test out students with past year papers on regular basis to make them realize their weak and strong points, and provide them with requisite exam preparation.
  5. Work on the weak points/topics of the students by using various audio-visual aids and innovative methods of long lasting learning.
  6. Arrange attractive and playful audio-visual aids for the students for deep concept comprehension
  7. In making their students believe that capability increases with responsibility, hard work and proper planning.
IB Maths Home Tutors in Delhi
IB Elite Academy

Why Choose IB Chemistry Tutors Online Tutoring?

  • Availability Of Exam Oriented Study Material: As our Online tutors are trained and experienced IB teachers working in top-notch IB Schools, we are able to provide chapter wise notes, chapter wise PPT, solved chapter wise assignment sheets based on past papers.
  • IA, EE, TOK help: Being experienced and trained top level regular IB school teachers, we provide help in all IB group 1 to IB group 6 subjects’ Internal Assessments, Lab Reports, Extended Essays, TOK , TOK PPT, and Written Tasks.
  • Highly Experienced Tutors: Our IB Chemistry tutors are highly experienced and highly qualified with more than 15 years’ of international boards’ teaching experience.
  • Highly Specialised Tutors: IB Chemistry tutors provide highly specialised tutors. Higher level teacher will teach only HL students and Standard level teachers will teach only SL students. This ensures most effective teaching.
  • It’s Effective: As effective as face-to-face tuition. As effective as One On One Home Tuition with some added advantages.
  • It’s Convenient: Student can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere.
  • It’s Flexible: The time is used according to the students’ needs and wherever the student happens to be – home, school, university, or travelling.
  • It’s Simple: All you need is a broadband connection and a webcam (ideal).
  • It’s Safe: Live online tutoring avoids the busy and hectic risky traffic travelling for both tutor and student
  • It’s Fun: Many young people prefer live online tuition (to Face-to-Face) due to their life-long familiarity with computers.

For having free trial live online session with IB Chemistry Tutors, please click here  and add us on Skype. Our Skype I’D; www.ibeliteacademy.com , (+919990664500 WhatsAap ). IB Chemistry Tutors are available 24- 7


IB Elite Academy has been offering tailored tutoring solutions for all subjects like Physics, Sciences, Arts, Individuals And Societies, Studies in Languages And Literature, Language Acquisition. We cater with all IB GROUP 1 to GROUP 6 subjects. IB Elite Academy has been helping out students in exam preparations by providing:

  • One-on-one Online tutors
  • One-on-one Home Tutors
  • Chapter wise notes, PPTs
  • Chapter wise assignment question papers based on past papers.
  • Exam oriented Whole Syllabus rapid revision
  • Internal assessment help lines
  • Extended essay help line
  • Assignment help lines
  • Solved past years’ papers for IB DP and IGCSE

IB Elite Academy tutors are highly experienced, highly educated with most of them being masters Ph. D. Our highly experienced tutors have very positive effect impact on the pupils’ approach to their studies. IB Elite Academy tutors are encouraged to inspire their pupils to develop inquisitive, analytical mind. They develop their students articulate an argument with structure, reason and confidence. To get the very best out of our tuition service we recommend that your child is assessed academically before we assign a tutor. This is so that we can match the very best tutor for their very specific needs.

Our educational assessments are carried out by one of our Education Directors using a simple three step method.

1. We visit your child at a place of your convenience – generally we recommend the family home or any suitable place of your convenience.

2. Having discussed the level and subject areas, we ask them a range of questions relating to their understanding, confidence and ambitions in each of their chosen subjects. We compare their personal ambitions to their teachers’ predicted grades. Then we structure a private tuition teaching programme accordingly. We weigh the focus to ensure best possible outcomes.

3. We select a tutor or team of tutors who are able to deliver this teaching programme and maximize the chances of realising the pupil’s ambitions.