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IGCSE Online Tutors

IB Elite academy provides highly experienced, highly qualified, highly specialised  & trained  IGCSE Online Tutors, IGCSE Maths Online Tutors, IGCSE English Online Tutors, IGCSE Chemistry Online Tutors, IGCSE Physics Online Tutors, IGCSE Biology Online Tutors, IGCSE Economics Online Tutors, IGCSE Business studies Online Tutors, IGCSE  History Online Tutors, IGCSE Geography Online Tutors, IGCSE Spanish Online Tutors, IGCSE French Online Tutors, IGCSE German Online Tutors

IGCSE examinations are taken at the same time as GCSEs but follow the international Cambridge IGCSE curriculum for 14-16 year olds. IB Elite Academy have highly experienced, highly qualified network of tutors for the IGCSE/ GCSE student to prepare them for Cambridge A/AS levels and Cambridge Pre-U. IGCSE online tutors have been helping out students in exam preparations by providing:

  •         One-On-One IGCSE Online Tutors
  •         One-On-One IGCSE Home Tutors
  •         Chapter Wise Notes
  •         Chapter Wise PPTs
  •         Exam Oriented Preparation
  •         Chapter wise assignment question papers based on past papers
  •         Exam oriented Whole Syllabus rapid revision
  •         Internal assessment help lines
  •         Extended essay help lines
  •         Assignment help lines
  •         Solved past years’ papers for IB DP
  •         Solved past years’ papers for IGCSE

IB Elite Academy via IGCSE online tutors offers Live Online Tutoring for IGCSE/GCSE Students to support and help out the students through this academically challenging time with tailored private one- on- one Live Online Tuitions. We have got 10 years’ of ONLINE TUTORING experience. The service is ‘‘adorably effective’’ and enables the students from anywhere in India and the world to access the leading and elitist of the IB Elite Academy tutors. Our online tutoring have stretched to countries like USA , UK , UAE ,Singapore, Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, China, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, Argentina, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey, Peru, Italy, Oman, Bahrain, Japan, Netherlands, Egypt , Qatar and Japan. By every passing year the number of our online students is increasing.

GCSE examinations are scheduled to take place throughout May and June at the end of the year 11. Tutoring with IB Elite Academy tutors at this level is very helpful for students as students usually feel under a lot of pressure to secure high grades. IB Elite Academy offers Live Online Tuition for IGCSE/GCSE students to help and support out them to achieve great grades. We cater with every Subject available at this level.

IGCSE Online Tutors

The IGCSE Online Tutors teach the following basic core subjects are:

  • English
    • English language
    • English literature
  • Maths
  • Science
    • One GCSE: core science (includes parts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
    • Two GCSEs: core science and additional science
    • Three GCSEs: separate biology, chemistry and physics

IGCSE Online Tutors. We also offer a combination of the following subjects:

  • Art and Design
  •  Drama
  •  Food Technology
  • Geography
  •  History
  • ICT (Information & Communications Technology)
  • Languages
  • PE
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology

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